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Sine  Bar Economy   Centre  Square
Sine  Bar Economy
Item  Code  No.  ABM-EPT-
Centre  Square
Item  Code  No.  ABM-EPT-2961
    Width   Distance
  Between  Rolls

  Work  Diameter

  1"   2-1/2"   1-1/2"
  1"   5"   3"

   *  Made  of  Hardened  Steel

  *   Precision  Ground  on  all  Sides

  *   Moderately  Priced

  *  Made  from  Tool  Quality  Steel

  *  Blade  Hardened  and  Tempered
  *  Designed  for  fast  and  accurate

      Location  of  the  centre  of  the  Face

      of  a  Round  Bar  or  Disc  within

     the  sizes  mentioned

  *  Useful  square  for  machinist's  and

     Tool  Makers

Engineers  Steel  Square 
  Dial  Comparator
Stand  (Fine Adjustments)
Engineers  Steel  Square  Precision
Item  Code  No.  ABM-EPT-2935
Dial  Comparator Stand (Fine Adjustments)
Item  Code  No.  ABM-EPT-3019
    Blade  Length   Stock  Length    


  *  Available  in various  sizes

  *  Compact and  Versatile  Comparator


  *  Rugged  Enameled Cast Iron  Base

  *  Rust  Proof  Chrome  plated  Pillar

     at  right  angle  to  the  base
  *  Hardened and Precise Ground Anvil

  *  Provided with  fine  adjustment  knob

     for  Zero  Setting

  *  Suitable for all dial gages  including

     3/8"  and  5/16" dia  stem

  *  Base  Dimension  :  6" x 4"

      (150 x 100  mm)

  *   Pillar  Diameter  1"  (25.4  mm)

  *  Supplied without Dial Gauge (Gage)

  1"       (25    mm)   1-1/2"    (38 mm)
  2"       (50    mm)   2"           (50  mm)
  3"       (75    mm)   2-1/2"    (63  mm)
  4"       (100  mm)   3"           (75  mm)
  5"       (125  mm)   3-1/2"    (89  mm)
  6"       (150  mm)   4"           (100 mm)
  8"       (200  mm)   5"           (125 mm)
  9"       (225  mm)   6"           (150 mm)
  10"     (250  mm)   6"           (150 mm)
  12"     (300  mm)   8"           (200 mm)
  18"     (450  mm)   10"         (250 mm)
  24"     (600  mm)   13"         (330 mm)
   While placing order please mention
   Grade 'A' or Workshop Grade

  *  Available  in  Precision  'A'  Grade
     and  Workshop  Grade
  *  Made  of  finest  quality ground
      Steel with  heavy thick stock
  *  Blade is hardened and Ground
      for Straightness and Parallelism
  *  Sizes  18" (450 mm) and Above
      are  supplied  in finished Wooden
  *  Effective  Blade  length measured
      from inner edge of the beam to
      end of the blade and is
      approximately  1/4" (6 mm) more
      than sizes shown
  *  Square  accurate  both  inside and

Economy  Micrometer   Micrometer  Stand  Base
Economy  Micrometer
Item  Code  No.  ABM-EPT-2857
Micrometer  Stand  Base Standard
Item  Code  No.  ABM-EPT-2859


  0 - 1"

  *  An indispensable  clamping  devise

      for  precise  and  stand


  *  Most useful to speed  up  production

     and  quality  inspection

  *  Provides  desirable  measuring

     position and angle for measurement

  *  Allows  clamping  and  positioning

     of  the  micrometer  with  a  single


  0 - 25  mm

  *  Available  in Metric  and  Inch Sizes

  *  Best  for  Hobbiests  and  for

     general  use

  *  Very  Handy Tool  for  measuring

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