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File  Handles


File  Handles
File  Handles (Wooden)
Item  Code  No.  ABM-IMT-3708
File  Handles  (Plastic)
Item  Code  No.  ABM-IMT-3
    Handle  Length    


  4"   Small
  4-1/2"   Medium
  4-3/4"   Big

   *  Made  from  high quality Wood.

  *  Comes  with  Steel  Ferrules

  *  Available  in  three  sizes


  *  Made from high quality
      unbreakable plastic

  *  Fitted inside Steel Ferrules.

  *  Ferrules  Hardened & Tempered

T  Slot  Cleaner   Machine  Hand  Tap  Guide
T  Slot  Cleaner
Item  Code  No.  ABM-IMT-7361
Machine  Hand  Tap  Guide
Item  Code  No.  ABM-IMT-7282
          Shank  Dia.  

  *  Widely  used  product

  *  Every Machine and Machinist

     needs  one

  *  5-1/8" (130 mm) long  and  1-1/4"

      (32 mm) Wide

  *  Black Shiny Finish


  *  Provides  Sensitive Feel for Hand

     Tapping  Small  Holes  on  Milling

      Machines,  Drilling  Presses and


  *  Starts  every  hole  straight  and

      prevents  Tap  breakage.

  *  Shank  Dia.  3/8", Handle  Dia.  1"

  *  No.  0  to  No.  12  Tap  capacity

Tap  Guide
(Knurled  Body)
  Tap  Guide  Spring  Centre
Tap  Guide (Knurled Body)
Item  Code  No.  ABM-IMT-3712
Tap  Guide  Spring  Centre
Item  Code  No.  ABM-IMT-7362

  Hardened  Shank

  1/2"  Dia.

  *  The  Stroke  of  centre  will  follow

      the  tap  assuring  and  accurate

      hand  tapped  threads

  *  one  universal  size  for  all  tapping


  *  Point  Hardened  to 50-55  HRC

  *  For execution the Centre's Body is to

      gripped in a drill chuck or collet

      while hardened point is inserted

      into the centre of the tapping handle



  *  Dia  1/2"  Hardened  Shank

  *  Knurled  for  easy  Handling

  *  3/16"  Dia.Hardened  Tension  Pin

  *  Adjustable  Tension  Spring

  *  Reversible  Tension Pin for Male

     and Female Hole Centering of Tap

  *  With  this  tool  you  start  every

     Tap  Straight

  *  Packed  in  an  attractive  plastic


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